More Writing

Hey guys, hope ye liked the writing piece I posted last week, as I’m going to post my conclusion to it today. It is a pretty short piece so I might work some more on it and develop it more in the future but for now this is all I’ve done. Again, let me know what you think in the comments below or if you have any tips for me!


“Lucy, what?…. Do you know what time it is?” Lucy looked down at her watch. 2:15 am. “Shit” she whispered. “I’m sorry Anna I didn’t realise. It’s just.. Is it okay if I stay with you and Laura for a bit?” “Yeah of course it’s okay. But what’s wrong Lucy? Why are you calling so early? Are you and Jack okay?”. Silence. “Lucy? Come on, you’re scaring me now, what’s wrong?” “It’s nothing” Lucy replied quietly, “It’s okay. I’ll see you in a few hours yeah?” “Okay” Anna replied, still sceptical, “I’ll see you then”. Lucy ended the call and dropped the phone in her lap. “We’re not okay though” she whispered as she rubbed the red hand print on the side of her face.


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